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got it

2010-02-17 22:31:58 by AngelOfSilence

i finally got a wacom tablet with corel and photoshop so now i can finally show my work without it sucking i already have started with it which is gonna be great to work with

almost there

2009-11-24 18:53:44 by AngelOfSilence

just kinda been lazy for a while trying to earn money for a new program to put on my comp then i can show my work, here's a speed drawing on paint which i think is majorly crappy

almost there

Minor setback

2009-09-06 14:42:44 by AngelOfSilence

I've been praticing drawing for a while but i want to make my own flashes but i don't have a program which may take me a while to get one that won't leave me broke, on the other hand i might be able to set up some hand-drawn artwork and see if that gets me somewhere so for now i guess i'll just stickto drawing and perfecting the mistakes i make sometimes so expect to see something soon (btw expect to see this symbol in different versions on some of my work, it's kinda like my own signature)

Minor setback